About Us

Many people mistakenly believe that Estate Planning only deals with planning for death. EstatePlanningNewJersey.com is dedicated to educating all, that Estate Planning encompasses so much more. Effective estate planning will provide for your loved ones, protect your assets, and when done correctly, limit cost, disagreements, and other disappointments.

In addition to the emotional reasons why people don’t do estate planning (like denial!), this kind of planning is extremely complex. That’s why you need to involve a Certified Estate Planning Attorney. Don’t think you need to be “wealthy” in order to consult with an attorney. And if you think you will save money by “doing it yourself”, please consider your surviving loved ones who will most likely spend a great deal more money, not to mention time, to handle an estate that didn’t have the proper paperwork in place.

Your loved ones will be grieving losing you. Help make the process easier on them by being educated, and by putting a plan in place.

We hope you will take action based on the information you find on our site.